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Garden and Open Space design:

Hard and Soft Landscaping details.

Garden Plans:

Site surveys, concepts, functional lay outs, planting schedules, construction drawings, elevations and perspectives.

Compliance drawings:

Garden designs/layouts for new planning applications.

Corrective gardening:

Advice on corrective gardening and development of existing Gardens and Landscapes.

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For the private garden large or small:

From the front to the back boundary of your garden all garden construction(fencing ,walling and paving), planting, grassing and features are professionally catered for.

For the construction industry:

Show houses, public open spaces and road side trees.

Pubs and restaurants:

Smoking areas, beer gardens, windbreaks and container plantings.



Mowing, weeding, fertilising, edging, aerating, draining and scarifying.


Trimming, rejuvenating, fertilising and laying.


Cleaning and Sanding.


Weeding and pruning, division and replanting of perennials, seasonal bedding.

Garden rejuvenation:

Assessment of overall garden with a view of retaining the viable structural plants.

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